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The authorized CFR Engines Inc. distributor and service provider

After-Sale Services

Nevertheless that the CFR systems and components are built for unmatched operating life, after-sale services are of utmost importance. With correct maintenance, a user can expect CFR Engines Inc. products to provide reliable service for many years, even decades. To provide the user what they need, CFR offers a variety of after-sales support and problem-solving experts. All that is achievable having in mind the following:

Genuine Parts:

Genuine spare parts for CFR Engines Inc. engines and accessories are manufacturer with highest tolerances, from materials of highest quality and finest finishes. CFR parts are developed and designed to work together, so that the entire CFR system performs as expected. Whether the part installed while servicing, or the part is built into a new CFR unit, users can expect CFR Genuine Parts will deliver the long-term reliability and performance that CFR products are known for.

Technician Services:

While the CFR products are designed and manufactured in the way to be serviceable by the user in some instances, there are times when the service needed for a CFR product is beyond the users’ capabilities. CFR Engines Inc. and its Authorized Distributors have the trained technicians to help with simple routine maintenance, all the way to complex unit overhauls. Global network of technicians have the factory knowledge and extensive service experience to correctly diagnose and resolve any product challenge.

Service facilities with skilled technicians are at the users’ disposal, and are located in Poland, Austria, and Serbia.

Product Training:

While CFR Engines Inc. offers a variety of training courses at the CFR factory where users can get hands-on product training as well as an understanding of the theory behind the procedures involved, its Authorized Distributors are licenced to offer trainings for use of the users’ engines and accessories on sites. Such trainings are done by skilled and specially trained technicians, specifically trained at the CFR Engines Inc. factory. By doing proper trainings, users are assured that they will use their instruments in proper, safe and efficient way.

Tools and Documents:

CFR Engines Inc., together with its Authorized Distributors, provide technical manuals and guides to assist users in maximizing their investment, keeping CFR products at peak operation, proper operation and maintenance of a CFR Octane or Cetane Rating Units. Also, CFR offers a full range of special tools and maintenance instructions for more advanced care and service of CFR units.