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CFR F5 – Cetane Rating System with XCP® TECHNOLOGY

The CFR® F5 Cetane Rating Unit is the globally accepted standard for determining and certifying the ignition quality of diesel fuels. First introduced in 1938, the CFR F5 today continues to provide a stable, accurate testing platform for defining the ignition quality of diesel fuels. The CFR F5 enables the automotive and petroleum industries to develop new engines and fuels that perform together more effectively. As the most accurate method to measure the cetane number of diesel fuels, the CFR F5 also helps to ensure the integrity of the fuel supply chain from refinery to the pump.

The CFR F5 Cetane Rating Unit is the specified equipment for testing fuels according to:

ASTM D613: Standard Test Method for Cetane Number of Diesel Fuel Oil

IP 41: Petroleum Products – Determination of the ignition quality of diesel fuels – Cetane engine method

EN ISO 5165: Petroleum Products – Determination of the ignition quality of diesel fuels – Cetane engine method

Product/Technology Introduction – CFR F5

Central to the CFR Cetane Rating System is the single cylinder engine. The engine is driven by an electric motor to ensure constant speed for the test. Machine tolerances, temperatures, pressures, and combustion events are all closely managed to eliminate outside variables that can affect the test.

The F5 engine utilizes a unique variable pre-chamber cylinder head to directly influence the engine compression ratio, for use as a variable during the test. Fuel is delivered to the engine in a controlled manner through a single stage fuel injection system. By controlling all engine variables, the CFR F5 unit can measure how the sample fuel performs over time relative to changes of multiple variables.

Specifications – CFR F5


Model: CFR F5 Cetane Rating System

Test methods: ASTM D613, IP 41, ISO/EN 5165 Cetane number range: 15-100

Standard CFR F5 System Inclusions:

  • Engine unit mounted to rigid base
  • Synchronous motor mounted to slide base (220/380/440V; 3 Ph; 50/60Hz)
  • Variable volume cylinder head with handwheel
  • Handwheel position sensor
  • XCP panel with touchscreen PC
  • Fuel shut-off solenoid
  • Three bowl fuel delivery system
  • Intake air heater
  • Exhaust surge tank system
  • Water cooled exhaust manifold
  • Desk with keyboard and mouse

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Approximately 1.77 x 1.33 x 1.04 m (H x W x D), 844kg; (69 ¾ X 52 ¼ X 41 in, 1860 lbs)
  • Including concrete base: approximate height 2.15m
  • (84 ¾ in), weight 1754kg (3860 lbs)
  • With exhaust surge tank: approximate depth 1.57m (62 in)
Motor Method
(ASTM D613)
RPM 900 ± 1%
Timing 13°BTDC
Water jacket temperature 100ºC ± 2ºC (212ºF ± 3ºF)
Oil temperature 57ºC ± 8ºC(135ºF ± 15ºF)
Oil pressure 172 kPa-207 kPa (25 psi-30 psi)
Crankcase vacuum 25-150 mm H20 (1-6 in H20 )
Intake air temperature 66ºC ±0.5ºC (150ºF ± 1ºF)
Nozzle passage temperature 38ºC ±2.8ºC (100ºF ± 5ºF)

Features and Benefits – CFR F5

Providing value and confidence in global fuel quality

The CFR® F5 Cetane Rating Unit is the globally accepted gold standard for determining and certifying the ignition quality of diesel fuels.

Providing value and confidence in global fuel quality

A complete CFR Engines Inc. cetane fuel testing system includes three main elements; each designed to seamlessly integrate and deliver trusted results. With the F5 engine unit, XCP® Technology, and a CFR® exhaust surge tank, each critical parameter of a successful cetane test is controlled. The product is designed, manufactured, and fully tested by CFR in North America to work in an integrated solution. Consistency and confidence in the CFR system to do its job, allows users to focus on what they do best.

Data Integrity with XCP Technology

With the XCP, critical information for each rating is automatically captured and presented in an Excel-based report, minimizing manual data recording and calculating errors. The standard report of XCP is exportable to LIMS and provides handwheel positions, fuel flow rate micrometer settings, environmental data (temperatures and pressures), and ignition advance and delay values. Clear graphics, color-coded indicators, and built-in prompts simplify the fuel rating. Automatic management of test data gives users accuracy and consistency in their results.

Reliability of Proven Design

Since 1938, thousands of users have relied on the proven service of CFR F5 products. This reliability has been consistently maintained through a long series of well-designed system upgrades and product enhancements. CFR systems and components, such as the robust engine crankcase and cylinder/head, are built to deliver unsurpassed operating life. With proper maintenance and operation, a user can expect the F5 to consistently withstand the demands of today’s fuel testing environment with a true engine based Cetane Number.

Precision through Modern Instrument Control

The CFR F5 with XCP Technology uses digital instrumentation to record and process critical test data of the system operation and performance. On-board handwheel position recording, automatic cetane number calculation, and multi-pass data recording are some of the many advantages of CFR’s digital instrument control system. More accurate measurements and reduced operator interpretations lead to better overall precision.

Cost Savings with One System Flexibility

With standard product offerings, a CFR F5 Cetane Rating System provides the user unmatched flexibility and cost savings. With automated control and guided testing prompts, users can easily conduct the test procedure of ASTM Method D613. Cost savings are realized in greater utilization of resources, quicker and accurate tests changes, reduced operator training, and improved repeatability with a single system.

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