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CFR Genuine Accessories

Users can rely on the factory design and performance of a complete octane or cetane test package with CFR Genuine Accessories.

Important for any method compliant octane test is the proper treatment of intake air temperature and humidity. CFR offers multiple accessories that properly treat ambient room air and help deliver ideal intake air to the CFR engine. Whether the classic Ice Tower or a modern Engine Air Control System, CFR accessories for intake air are built for the long operating life that CFR products are known for.

Exhaust management is often overlooked as a source of testing challenges. The CFR Exhaust Surge Tank provides the correct back-pressure and temperature management for successful CFR engine operation. The Surge Tank accessory is supplied as standard equipment on any new CFR octane and cetane units, and can be retrofitted to any existing units.

Some accessories help a user get the longest life-cycle and use of a CFR product. Proper use of the redesigned Cylinder Carbon Blaster from CFR, allows users to maintain their unit, keep the cylinder in peak operating condition, and extend service intervals.

Volumetric Blending System (VBS)

CFR Engines Inc. (CFR®) now offers the Volumetric Blending System (VBS) for the precise blending of primary, secondary, and standard fuels that is essential for the calibration and standardization of the CFR Engine.

Users can now rely on the factory design and performance of a complete blending system to ensure compliance when blending fuels for standardization.

Engine Air Control System

An Engine Air Control System (EACS) by CFR Engines Inc. delivers precise management of intake air temperature and humidity. The EACS easily integrates with existing CFR F1/ F2 units to form an overall octane testing system, and leverages XCP Technology to produce the most reliable Octane Number.

Like all CFR Engines Inc. products, the Engine Air Control System embodies industrial grade design. Whether it be the pumps, metal work, controls, or temperature/humidity management systems, you can trust that the product has been designed to provide years of reliable and consistent service. Additionally, with a nominal design operating range of 60- 100°F (16-38°C) and 10-60% relative humidity, the standard production EACS can reliably support operation in nearly all global environments.

The Engine Air Control System is available as a CFR Genuine Service Part or with any new unit and offered in two configurations – with or without engine air humidification.

  • High capacity design to accommodate a broad range of ambient temperatures and relative humidity’s
  • Operates seamlessly with XCP Technology or as a stand-alone system
  • Industrial grade components and construction for extended life
  • Built in on-board system diagnostics as well as data recording capability when paired with XCP Technology
  • Compliant to all procedures of the current ASTM® Methods: D2699, D2700, and D2885

Cylinder Carbon Blaster

CFR Engines Inc. released a new design of its commonly used Cylinder Carbon Blaster with more robust construction and improved material handling for increased octane combustion chamber cleaning efficiency and reliability. Users can easily maximize the operating life of their cylinders and extend the period between mechanical top-end overhauls with regular cleanings using the CFR Cylinder Carbon Blaster.

Cleaning and regular maintenance reduces damaging deposits and build up, restores temperature tuning ranges, and reduces downtime and cost of premature overhauls. Low mixture temperatures (MON) or low intake air temperatures (RON) will dictate when cylinder carbon blasting should be done. Effective carbon blasting addresses the combustion chamber, as well as the valve ports. Cleaning with the CFR Cylinder Carbon Blaster can be done with the cylinder remaining in-place on the engine.

  • Durable design with all-steel components and welded construction
  • Nozzle engineered for maximum flow and cleaning efficiency
  • Large format valve levers and pressure gauge for ease of use
  • Longer operating times with extra capacity media hopper
  • Built in safeties to prevent over-pressure, misconnected hoses, and static discharge
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning practice for carbon removal

Exhaust Surge Tank

The exhaust surge tank is an important accessory for any CFR octane or cetane engine installation. The CFR surge tank provides a chamber for the safe drainage cooling water and venting of engine exhaust. Within the surge tank, engine exhaust is cooled and any condensed water is separated. Most importantly, a properly vented exhaust surge tank acts as a resonance chamber for the engine and eliminates pulsation and back-pressure influences on a test procedure. An exhaust surge tank from CFR provides a safe and long lasting exhaust solution that is designed to work with the CFR test engine and allow the engine to perform its best.

CFR Original Ice Tower

The Ice Tower from CFR Engines Inc. is the original solution for conditioning engine intake air. Durable construction and simple design allow for years of reliable use. Ambient air is drawn over ice to reduce temperature and humidity to a method compliant levels for octane engine intake air. The ice tower accessory is a trusted basic option for many users, but is not adjustable to accommodate a wider range of global site conditions. The ice tower also does not have any data capture or XCP integration capabilities to support the increasing needs of fuel testing precision and accountability.

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