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XCP® TECHNOLOGY Octane Analyzer

Product / Technology Introduction – OA

CFR Engines Inc. has extended the capabilities of its well-received XCP® Panel by offering users an updated version of the automated Octane Analyzer (OA) option that significantly reduces operator involvement. Like all CFR Engines Inc. products, the Octane Analyzer is designed to easily integrate with existing CFR® units and systems operating with XCP Technology.

Octane Analyzer is an add-on upgrade to XCP for automating the octane test of the CFR F1/F2 per procedure D of both ASTM Methods D2699 and D2700. The system varies the air/fuel ratio of the engine test by running the fuel through a variable speed pump. The XCP with OA handles all the switching between fuel samples and all the data recording. The upgrade kit consists of an additional electrical management box to handle the additional electronic components and act as an interface between XCP panel and the OA fuel components. The upgrade kit also consists of an additional fuel management box to handle the sample switching, carburetor interface, and fuel delivery.

Specifications – OA


  • XCP operating on Windows 10 or current
  • Sample cooling for unknowns
  • Standard CFR unit maintenance
  • Fully integrated to XCP Technology
  • LIMS connectivity via Microsoft Excel®
  • Complete data collection
  • Automatic KI curve generation
  • Test event logging

Features and Benefits – OA

Providing value and confidence in global fuel quality

The Octane Analyzer (OA) upgrade option by CFR builds upon the proven performance of the XCP® control system. Whether part of a complete unit or an upgrade kit, Octane Analyzer has been designed, manufactured and fully tested to work as an integrated and reliable solution for CFR Units with XCP.


The Octane Analyzer upgrade option provides capability to test all four procedures of the current ASTM Methods D2699 and D2700. Automatically complete full 2-pass tests – setup test, fill fuel reservoirs, hit start and then wait for the report.


Intuitive and complete interface with guided test setup, clear visual displays, and simplified operation procedures. Reduced operator interactions and computer guided compliance to test methods deliver faster results and more instrument productivity.


Octane Analyzer reduces operator interaction with the instrument during the test procedure and provides improved consistency amongst multiple users and better repeatability on consecutive passes. With fuel-air sweeps being managed consistently by the OA, repeatability improves versus what a human operator could achieve managing the same maximum KI determinations.


Customize Octane testing to your operation with all four RON or MON procedures. Easily configure custom tests with simple switching between single pass or multiple pass. Allows for broader Octane Number ranges compliant with Procedure D – 72-103.5 MON and 72-108 RON.

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